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Our online gallery of paintings is primarily dedicated to the work of the famous Prague painter Josef Achrer. In our offer you will find current works for sale, which you can see and buy in person in the artist's studio. We will deliver paintings by Josef Achrer, a painter from Prague, anywhere in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, but we will also deliver them safely to other countries of the European Union.

Josef Achrer life and work

It is already 70 let, who was born into an artistic family in South Moravia. His father and grandfather were artists from Moravské Budějovice.

The young Josef grew up with his family in Vyškov and got to SUPŠ in Brno in 1968. It was a year when the occupation of the whole Czechoslovak country affected his fate.

After a year of graduation from SUPŠ in Brno, the young Achrer leaves for Prague, where he takes the entrance exams for the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague to the painting studio for the second time. However, the school management from Vyškov in Moravia is warned that it is undesirable for Josef Achrer to continue his studies. The whole family was identified as an enemy of the state, partly because his mother's brother successfully emigrated to Canada. This decided the fate of the painter.

Josef entered the labor profession as a cinema painter in a national company. However, a miracle happened and after the intercession of Dr. Mikuliková, he was accepted by the painter ag rafik Zdeněk Sklenář to study privately. This was at a time when Professor Sklenář had not been bedridden at school for political reasons and had been dismissed from his professorship within a few years. Josef Achrer attended Professor Sklenář in private lessons at Prague's Žižkov. This study with the professor ends with the young painter Achrer two months after the end of the management of the studio of prof. Glazier in 1976. It so happened that the young Achrer looked into the abstraction of calligraphy and is guided in this work in further work.

Josef Achrer life and work

Ornaments, symbols, reliefs

Hard balance, year 2021

Hard balance, year 2021

117 cm x 142 cm

Oil, acrylic on canvas. Created in 2021

Virtue out of Emergency, 2020

Virtue out of Emergency, 2020

62 cm x 62 cm

Oil, acrylic on canvas. This image was created during the difficult time of the covid.

Artistic development

The next period in the painter's life took place in a joint studio with his father, where he got to create reliefs, which he created for 5 years with the help of chisels and carving.

Immediately after his father's death, he set down his carving tools and returned to the easel. The period of carving resulted in the relief appearing in Josef Achrer's paintings , so the ornament and calligraphy add up in the relief surfaces of large works.

The paintings are divided into a network of drawings , which is the main element in the whole expression of the work. This is over time processed into an ornament , which has been an essential element of his work for many years.

Artistic development

Exhibition activity, New Hall, studio

Achrer's exhibition activities are difficult at first. He finds himself in the environment of Greater Prague, without influential friends and important contacts. This is how a large part of artists end up who, after completing their studies in Prague, go back to their communities, where they grew up in their youth.

However, Achrer is relentless and so he will gradually work on exhibitions in Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Slovakia. Exhibitions all over our country are a matter of course.

He also became the director of the "New Hall" gallery, where he was in charge for 9 years.

He collaborates with the La Femme gallery, where he regularly participates in exhibition events and so-called "homework" when entering various topics, to be processed into a work.

He paints in a studio in Prague in Žižkov , which he really likes and where he lives.

The painter Achrer has also been associated with the South Bohemian village near Jindřichův Hradec for 30 years, where he lived and painted for 4 years.

During this period he participated in several exhibitions based on the Austrian-Czech cultural cooperation

Exhibition activity, New Hall, studio
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