Online gallery, Paintings for sale, Josef Achrer.Online gallery of paintings by Josef Achrer

Welcome to our online gallery of paintings , which specializes in the work of the famous Czech painter Josef Achrer. Our gallery is based in Prague, but we currently offer paintings mainly online. You can physically view the paintings or even buy them directly in Josef Achrer's studio by prior arrangement . You will receive a certificate of authenticity for all paintings and each painting is signed by the artist both on the front right side at the bottom and on the back of the canvas. In our online gallery you can see the latest completed images . The paintings in the gallery are further divided into Abstract - ornamental paintings , Monothematic , Figural . Josef Achrer resisted selling through the online gallery for a long time, but eventually agreed to present his works on the Internet. We are honored to be able to show this interesting work of Josef Achrer much more to lovers of contemporary art than is possible in the offline world.

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