SlideFor the state holiday 61x71cmOn the national holiday, Josef Achrer, year 2021. 62 cm x 72 cm SlideAerosol, Josef Achrer, rok 2020, 152 cm x 102cm SlideDifficult balance, year 2021, Josef Achrer. 117 cm x 142 cm Sale of paintings, Prague, Online gallery

Josef Achrer master of ornament and symbol

The painter Josef Achrer is rightly often called the Czech Klimt. His paintings are full of ornaments, symbols and can tell endless stories. Josef Achrer's paintings come to life the most when light strikes at different angles. Symbols and ornaments stand out in a 3D effect and reveal much of the artist's mind.

By buying a painting from Josef Achrer, you are buying more than just decoration for the apartment. Every time you look at a picture, you will discover new symbols and messages. We believe that you will never stop having fun.

This painter of paintings from Prague has been working professionally for more than 30 years. The online gallery is honored to be able to represent Josef Achrer's work in an online environment.

Josef ACHRER painter in body and soul

A complete range of works by academic painter Josef Achrer.

Online gallery, Josef Achrer, painter, in the studio in Prague 3
New paintings by Josef Achrer for sale

New works

The latest completed works by Josef Achrer

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Original work of Josef Achrer online only on

We are the only online gallery that represents the entire work of Josef Achrera in the online environment of the Internet. You can buy Josef Achrer's original paintings, which are currently for sale, directly from us or arrange a visit to the studio. The prices listed here are the same as when buying directly from the artist.

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